Hall of Fame Candidates


The Candidates Page is where the legacy of potential inductees begins its journey. Here, we feature the profiles of those who have been nominated and are under consideration for induction into the New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame. These individuals have been identified by their peers, community members, and sports enthusiasts as having made significant contributions to the sporting world, whether through exemplary performance, outstanding leadership, or profound influence in sports.

Each candidate profile offers a snapshot of their achievements, a narrative of their impact on sports in New Mexico, and the reasons why they stand out as potential inductees. These athletes, coaches, teams, and contributors represent the best of our state’s dedication to sports and community. They are the embodiment of our mission, having met the rigorous standards set forth by our nomination criteria.

As we highlight these extraordinary individuals, we invite the community to become more acquainted with their stories. They are not just potential hall of famers; they are sources of inspiration, examples of dedication, and catalysts for change and growth within our sporting community.

As you explore the accomplishments of these esteemed candidates, we encourage you to show your support for their recognition and for the ongoing efforts of the Hall of Fame. Consider making a donation—your support helps sustain our programs and ensures that we can continue to honor outstanding contributions to New Mexico’s sports for years to come.

AJ Bramlett

Amber Ashcraft

Amber Campbell

Becky Robertson

Bernard “Gig” Brummell

Billy Moya

Bob Gaitors

Brendan Donnelly

Britt Cooper

Brittany Cooper-Toppert

Brooks Jennings Sr

Buster Quist

Buster and Ray Prather

Cassidy Cox

Charlie Criss

Chito Reyes

Clarence Bass

Cody Unser

Dale Shock

Dana Altman

Deanna McGillivray

Devon Sandoval

Dewey Bohling

Dick Johnson

Diego Sanchez

Doug Ziembec

Ed Burch

Gene Agnes

Frank Maestas

Fred Hultberg

Freddy Young

Gary Mazaroff

Gary Skidmore

Gene Pino

Gene Wells

George Brooks

Gerry Garcia

Glover Quin

Grand Master Melcor Chavez

Greg Jackson

Isidro Garcia

Jack Nixon

James Kimon Economides

James “Preacher” Pilot

Jarin Solomon

Jeanne and Phil Satengna

Jeff Siembeda

Jeff Taylor Sr.

Jeremy Fishbein

Jesse Castenda

Jim Guthrie

Jimmie Guymon

Jim Marshall

Jim Thrash

John Dendahl

John Gunther

John Guzman

John Levra

John Williamson

Joseph Louis Murphy

Keith Leupold

Ken Young

Klaus Weber

Larry Hays

Larry Waters

Lenny Roybal

Leroy Fulgenzi

Linda Alvarado

Lloyd McPeters

Logan White

Mark Keil

Marty Saiz

Michael Velasquez

Michael Winkeljohn

Mike Lucero

Mike Lujan

Mike Sinclair

Miles Watters

Paul Gibson

Quint Seckler

Randy Brown

Rich Beem

Rick Wright

Robert Ogas

Rod Nichols

Rod Tafoya

Rodriguez Family

Ron Geyer

Ron Murphy

Roy Cooper

Sam Jernigan

Sammy Chioda

Scott Grady

Steve Davis

Steve Famiglietta

Terry McDermott

Tico and Marge Navarros

Tim Garcia

Tim Van Hecke

Toby Manzanares

Tommy Cordova

Tom Jordan

Tom McLamore

Travis Lee

Walter Garcia

William Bill Spahn

Willie Banks III

Willie Goldsmith