Nomination Process to have the Opportunity to be Inducted into the
New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame Started in 1973

Step 1 – Review the Hall of Fame Candidate Page first. Since 2014, we have been taking nomination online on our website. Once the person is nominated, they become a Hall of Fame Candidate with the hope of getting inducted in the future. We can’t promise your person will be inducted in the Hall of Fame. The person doesn’t have to be nominated again. Here is a direct link to review all the Hall of Fame Candidates:

Step 2 – If your individual is not on the page, then please review the Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria to see if your individual meets our Criteria. Here is a direct link to the Nomination Criteria page:

Step 3 – If your individual meets our Criteria then you must complete our Nomination Form. Here is direct link to the form:

Deadline:  While nominations are accepted year-round. The deadline for consideration for the Class of 2019 is September 30, 2019.

Hall of Fame Nomination Committee: The committee is made up of eight to nine board members who volunteer their time to help select worthy candidates. The committee is responsible to get a Final Pool of candidates to the Entire Board at the October Board Meeting. We don’t notify any of the candidates if they are in the Final Pool. The board members are told not to share the Final Pool Candidates or New Inductees until the mid-December Formal Press Conference.

Since 2014, the Nomination committee has provided a Final Pool of 15-18 candidates. Prior to 2014, the By-Laws only allowed four inductees each year. The By-Laws have been revised to allow the Board to induct more worthy individuals. At the June 2019 Annual Board Meeting, the Board voted to induct a minimum of five inductees for the Class of 2019.

Timeline of the Process: The committee was selected prior to the Annual Board Meeting by the Board President. Thus, the committee started reviewing the current 90+ Hall of Fame Candidates, plus other nominees from prior to 2014. The 2019 Nomination Process Timeline:

May 2019 – Committee was selected and started to review the list of Hall of Fame Candidates. For the first time in the history of the Sports Hall of Fame, the Candidates this summer of 2019 were sent emails to help the committee update their online biography. If you are a Candidate and you didn’t get an email to update your biography please email with your email address and we will email the information.

September 1st-30th Public Voting (See Below for more information on the Public Voting). The winner of the month-long voting will bypass the Hall of Fame Nomination Committee and will be added to the Final Pool. THE WINNER IS NOT GUARANTEED INDUCTION TO THE HALL OF FAME.
October Board Meeting – Final Pool of Candidates will be submitted to the Board. All board members will be asked to read all the Candidates’ biographies on our website over the next month.

November Board Meeting – Each Hall of Fame Nomination committee will make a presentation on the Final Pool Candidates to the entire board. This gives other board members an opportunity to add more input on each candidate.

November Inductee Selection Meeting is in late November. There is no further discussion on the Candidates. The voting is done by secret ballot. The candidate must earn 75% of board members votes to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. This year, there are 24 board members, thus a candidate must get at least 18 votes. Historically, it takes several rounds to reach the minimum number of inductees that were decided at the Annual Board Meeting.

December 21, 2019 Formal Press Conference – After the November Inductee Selection Meeting, only the new inductees will be notified that they will be part of this year’s Class of Inductees. The board member and new inductees are not to share with anyone until the December’s Formal Press Conference in mid-December when the media and general public learn the new Class of Inductees
The Induction Banquet is April 5, 2020.


The Public Voting started in 2014 to help the Board solicit more Candidates. It was also done to help get more exposure from the public on the New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame’s Inductees, Hall of Fame Candidates and Partnership Companies. We are one of two statewide Sports Hall of Fame in the country to do the Public Voting. The other state is Alaska. Since 2014, we have received over 100 new Candidates.

For the sixth time, the New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame (NMSHOF) is allowing the public to be a part of the nomination process.


The person who receives the highest number of public votes is NOT automatically inducted into the NMSHOF.

However, the  nominee  with the most public votes  will be included into the final pool of 15-to-20 candidates, who then remain eligible for the 2019 induction class.

The other nominees in the final pool are selected by the Nomination Committee that is part of the NMHOF Board of Directors.  A new inductee must receive 75 percent of the entire board’s vote at the November’s Induction Selection Board Meeting.

Public voting is Sept. 1-30. You can vote twice for your favorite candidate(s) — but only once  on our website at and for as many candidates only on the NMHOF Facebook page.

Website Voting: Only one vote per person for only one candidate will count. You must list a legitimate email address on the Voting form. If you vote for another candidate, then the first one will count unless you note in the Comments section that you would rather have another candidate. You can not use the same email address for different voting persons. We will delete any votes with the same email address or no email address.

Here is the direct link to the online Voting form;

Facebook Voting: Only the “Likes” on the NMSHOF Facebook will count in the voting. If you share this page to your Facebook page, please remind your family and friends to hit the “Like” on the New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame Facebook page only. You can “Like” as many candidates as if feel they are deserving of induction.

Currently, there are currently 90+ nominees being considered  for the Class of 2019. You can still nominate a candidate for next year’s class until 11:59 pm on September 30, 2019

Public voting also ends at 11;59 pm on September 30, 2019.


P.S. You can read the biographies of each candidate on NMSHOF website –http\://