Chainey Umphrey

Chainey Umphrey

[heading style=”dot” heading=”2009 Sports Hall of Fame Inductee” firstword=”yes” dotted=”yes”]

Dr. Umphrey is currently working as a Family Practitioner, Physiatrist at the San Jose Medical Center in San Jose, California. Albert Chainey completed his residency at the University of Colorado Medical school in Denver Colorado. Chainey attended Albuquerque Academy and went onto the University of California and eventually went onto attend the UCLA School of Medicine.

Chainey is most widely known as a member of the 1996 US men’s Olympic Gymnastics. He began his gymnastics career in 1981. His gymnastic accomplishments are many. He was the 1996 Individual Event World Championships Finalist, the 1994 World Championships Event Finalist, a 1991 World Championship Team Member, and the 1989 World Championships Team Member. In 1998 he was the Gold Medalist at the Reese’s Cup International Gymnastics Championship. Chainey was also a 12 time National Individual USA Gymnastics Champion and a 10 time All-American Gymnastics Champion.

Chainey said the following after the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta, “Standing at the horizontal bar at the 1996 Olympic games with over a million Americans watching, knowing that the hopes and dreams of an Olympic media rested on our team’s effort, I could not help but recall the Olympic motto that was spoken at the opening ceremony. ‘The most important thing in the Olympic Games in not to win, but to take part just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle.”

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