Walter Garcia was one of the first original 5-man “CLOWN” softball team started in the late 40’s/ early 50’s in Los Alamos, New Mexico; by Lou Pierotti. Walter was short-stop/ 2nd baseman. The Clowns were full of tricks and antics (similar to the famous Globetrotters) but with 5 men. Back in the day, the Clowns won most of their games against a full 9 man softball team. The Clowns went on to National Fame and were on the cover of Sports Illustrated, in the first Sports Illustrated Magazine in 1954. This team earned $200,000 for charity in the years they played. This team was great entertainment and super examples of athletic competition to everyone. They loved what they did and were awesome on the playing field.

He was an avid amateur golfer, starting as a caddy at the County Club in Old Town pf Albuquerque. He said, “If you want to become a good golfer, be a good caddy.” As the articles Walter won many statewide Tournaments against fellow amateurs and well-known golfers; Babe Zaharias and her husband being one of famous golfer he beat. Walter applied to the Professional Golfers Association of America in April, 1958; Walter went on to become one of the first Hispanic professional golfers in the PGA of New Mexico.