Gary Mazaroff
Born: September 7, 1950 in Los Angeles, California
High School: Hamilton High School (Ca) 1968
College: University of California, Berkeley, BA (1973)
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, MS (1976)

Gary won over 400 racquetball championships—State, Regional, National, International. He has traveled to over 30 countries as a player, coach, instructor, promoter. Organized and operated over 600 court sport events since 1973. He began an un-interrupted presidential term with the New Mexico Racquetball Association in 1974, bringing that organization to the forefront of the AARA’s state affiliate structure. Through AmPro and AmPro instructional programs, Gary has certified hundreds of players and instructors, while himself serving as a teaching pro and instructor since the late 70s. Gary also served as an assistant coach for two world championship U.S. national teams, then took that expertise “on the road” by coaching national teams from other countries

• First played racquetball in 1968 in his hometown of Los Angeles, California.
• Professor of HPER and Social Science; University of Albuquerque (1976-1978)
• Professor of HPER; Southwest College, Los Angeles, California (1979-1980)
• Organized and operated WSDR events in:
Paris, France (2000); Hamburg, Germany (2007); San Luis Potosi, Mexico (2008); Vancouver, Canada (2009); Dun An Ri, Republic of Ireland (2010);Santa Fe, New Mexico USA (2011); Albuquerque, New Mexico USA (2012) San Jose, Costa Rica (2014)
• Technical Director & Director of Education for IRF (2003-present)
• In the State of New Mexico
o Executive Director of World Senior Racquetball Championships; Albuquerque, New Mexico (1985-present)
o Organized Handball/Racquets Club at University of New Mexico, 1974
o Tournament Director for Rocky Mountain Regionals Racquetball, Albuquerque, New Mexico (1993, 1995, 1997)
o Tournament Director for Rocky Mountain Junior Regionals Racquetball, Santa Fe, New Mexico (1985), Albuquerque, New Mexico (1986), Roswell, New Mexico (1988), El Paso, Texas (1990)
o Intramural & Recreational Sports Associate; University of New Mexico (1973-1976)
o Intramural & Recreational Sports Director; University of Albuquerque (1976-78)
o Manager of Tom Young’s Athletic Club, Albuquerque, New Mexico (1980-1984)
o Co-owner of Taos Racquetball Center; Taos, New Mexico (1982-1983)
o Founded New Mexico Racquetball Association (1977); President (1977-1981 & 1985-present)
o Coach of University of Albuquerque Racquetball Team (1978)
o New Mexico State Open Singles Champion—8 times, Open Doubles Champion—6 times
o Will have operated 20 racquetball events in calendar year 2019 in New Mexico
o Commissioner for Racquetball & other court sports; NM Games (1989-present)
o Commissioner for Racquetball; Albuquerque Senior Olympics (1990-1999)
o Director of Racquetball; National Senior Games, Albuquerque (2019)
• National and International
o National Doubles Championship (30+ Division) in 1991
o Four World titles (1989, 90,94,95)
o Two titles in Men’s 35+ Division
o Two titles in Men’s 40+ Division; as well as the Men’s U.S. National Doubles (30+) championship in 1991.
o Member of first US Racquetball ‘Goodwill Tour’ to Japan (1986) (two weeks of teaching and promoting in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Kyoto)
o Co-founder of World Senior Doubles Racquetball (1989) Developed Curriculum for Instruction, Coaching, Programming, and Officiating (1997); International Professional Racquetball Organization (IPRO)
o Director at PASO (Pan American Sports Organization) seminars (2003, 2007, 2011)
o Member of USA National Racquetball Team as Player (1985-1986)
o Assistant Coach of USA National Racquetball Team (1987-1990)
o Member of Gold Medal Team as player (USA) 1986, (Orlando, FL)
o Member of Gold Medal Teams as coach (USA); Hamburg, Germany (1988), Caracas, Venezuela (1990)
o Head Coach for National Teams: Argentina (1991), Bolivia (1992), Dominican Republic (1994), Honduras (1999)
o Director of International Professional Racquetball Organization
o Official at World Games—Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2009); Cali, Colombia (2013)
o Official at Pan American Games-Guadalajara, Mexico (2011); Toronto, Canada (2015); Lima, Peru (2019)
o Rules Commissioner for International Racquetball Federation (2016- present)
• Contributor to following publications and websites: Championship Racquetball by the Experts (1974); Southern California Tennis & Racquetball Report (1980);
Racquetball Magazine;;,
• Commentator on National and International Racquetball Broadcasts—
o 1996 USA Racquetball Network, Phoenix, AZ USA; IRF World Championships
o 2003 Tennis Channel, San Luis Potosi, Mexico; IRF World Junior Championships
o 2004 Tennis Channel, Seoul, Korea; IRF World Championships
o 2010 Tennis Channel, Dun an Ri, Republic of Ireland; IRF World Championships
o 2012 IRF Network, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; IRF Junior World Championships
o 2014 IRF Network, Burlington, Canada; Pan Am Championships
o 2015 IRF Network, Cali, Colombia; World Championships
o 2017 IRF Network, Temuco, Chile; Pan Am Championships
o 2019 IRF Network, Barranquilla, Colombia; Pan Am Championship

Inducted into the Palms Junior High School (1965)
Inducted into the American Amateur Racquetball Association’s Hall of Fame in 1995
Inducted into the Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame (1996)
Inducted into the Team USA Racquetball Hall of Fame (1996)
Inducted into the International Racquetball Federation Hall of Fame (2012)
1993 Male Athlete of the Year for the New Mexico Games

Community Involvement
• Organized fundraising effort for International Racquetball Federation ‘Olympic Dream’ Campaign. Have raised over $500,000 since 1989. Funds directed for international development across the globe

Jennifer, wife of 42 years