Billy Moya Sr. began his love of golf as a caddie at the Albuquerque Country Club. Since that time, he has had a stellar golfing career, including being the first New Mexico Open Champion in 1954. Moya won the Open as an amateur. Since then, there have been only two other amateurs who have won the Open. He also won many other tournaments in his career including Albuquerque Country Club Invitational, the Southwestern Golf Association Tournament, the Southwest Amateur Links Title, University Golfer’s Association Championship, and Albuquerque Men’s City Amateur Golf Championships. He became a golf professional in 1960. Billy started the first junior golf program in 1961 at Los Altos Golf Course with his golf professional brother Eddie who joined him shortly thereafter. The two brothers have taught over a thousand children how to play the game of golf and have dedicated countless hours to the youth of our community. Billy Moya, Sr. was the first to be awarded the City of Albuquerque Golf Pro Concession. He and Eddie continued to operate the concession together for 20 years. Billy Moya, Sr. continued as golf professional at Ladera Golf Course for several years after leaving Los Altos Golf Course. Eddie and his son Chris, a golf professional, continue to operate Los Altos Golf Course to this day. The crowning trait of Billy Moya, Sr. is his respect for the game of golf as well as his fellow men and women. Billy Moya Sr. has spent his whole life promoting the game of golf and you will still see him playing golf weekly at Los Altos Golf Course, providing golf tips to other golfers, and still enjoying the “gentlemen’s game.”