Van Tate

Van Tate has been covering New Mexico sports for the last 20 years. The Hobbs High School and University of New Mexico graduate says he was destined for a journalism career at an early age. While still a child, Van would tape record his own version of the news. He called it, “the creepy scary news.” “I really forgot all about that,” said Van, “my mother played a recording for me after I got my first job in the business.”

Van was a business major when he first arrived at UNM. He said he doesn’t know why he switched to journalism. He said it was just a natural move. That move has given him a chance to cover the Indy 500, NFL games, Bowl games, NCAA Tournaments and a long list of other exciting events.

You can catch Van doing sports Monday through Friday on KRQE News 13 and 2 KASA Fox. He also has an online sports discussion called, “The Sports Office”. His guest list includes a variety of people from the world of sports from NFL stars, College players, coaches, and even an occasional movie star. Some of Vans achievements include, National Sportswriter and Sportscaster of the Year New Mexico (11 time winner), Albuquerque the Magazine Best of the City Sports Reporter (5 times winner), Associated Press Best Sports (5 time winner), and NMBA Best Sports (3 time winner).

Van loves music. He has experience playing 4 instruments but, is mostly known for his singing voice. Van also loves to bake during his spare time. It is always a sweet treat. He says baking is his therapy.